Advantages Of Engaging A Ship Chandler From Singapore


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A ship chandler is a retail dealer who specializes in supplies or equipment for ships, known as ship stores.

A chandlery was originally the office in a medieval household responsible for wax and candles, as well as the room in which the candles were kept. It was headed by a chandler. The office was subordinated to the kitchen, and only existed as a separate office in larger households.

Ship chandlers are dealing with goods for commercial ships such as oil tankers, container ships and bulk carriers. A ship chandler also stocks a wide variety of goods for the crew, including food, cleaning supplies and other sundries that the crew may need when living aboard the ship. The ship chandler relies on local sources to keep his chandlery in stock and often goes to foreign sources to make it easy for the ship to stock up on their goods provided there is an exchange of benefits.

The advantage of engaging a ship chandler from Singapore for Singaporean ship crew is that they do not have to find stores in the town they have landed in, or hold the country’s local currency if they are allowed out of the ship by the country’s immigration. Typically, the ship owner has a line of credit with the chandler and is billed for anything delivered to the crew of his ship. The chandler is supplied by merchants local to his location. With this, it makes it more convenient for ship crew to get their necessities without leaving the ship it saves money and time. Continue reading